Sunday, July 25, 2010

College Dorm Rooms & Love Letters From Afar...

College dorm rooms, yes indeed it is only a few weeks away! Summer is a fleeting season and it is time for the kids go back to college. Consider this, now it is time to sew up all of the items your student may need for their dorm room. Did you know Mary Jo’s Cloth has bolts and bolts of fabric available that is printed with most Colleges colors, icons and mascots? You could whip up a comforter or maybe some large pillows that the kids could lounge around on. Take a moment and stitch up a fleece blanket and have team spirit and warmth at those autumn football games. You can choose from flannels (in the school colors) for cozy pajamas or a heavy cotton for a Duffel Bag or Laundry Bag. We also have solids to coordinate with the College Collection. (click on College Logo Cottons or College Logo Fleeces)

LOVE LETTERS from our Customers...
Every week we get notes, emails and postings on Facebook and on the Blog. It is wonderful to hear from all of you. We get feedback about the store, website and even kudos for good service. Recently, the most interesting note to come into my inbox was from a gal in Virginia Beach. Her inquiry was a simple, did we know of anyone who would like to carpool from her town STRAIGHT to Mary Jo’s Cloth Store for a day of shopping heaven!(Note to follow.) If you know someone or would like to start a carpool from your town, drop us an email and we will make sure folks see it. It is an interesting idea. Just think of the new friends you could make!

Dear MARY JO'S, Why don't you consider starting a carpool section on your website? Sure it sounds silly because you are right there!! But let me tell you ,those of us way out here would jump on it.I am in Virginia Beach area, with a 8 passenger recent model van that would love to share gas and time and lunchboxes all the way there! Thinking I could do anything to stand in that store and just be with that awesome fabric, I STUPIDLY AGREED to go to The Ole'Virginia Hunt Club with a neighbor (12 miles from you) The trip up was ruff, but I just kept thinking FABRIC. Then we arrived to the Club and I tied up fruit trees and watered plants and sweep out the bunkhouse, only to find the dogs were loose in the woods,bet nobody will forget a city girl getting the dogs in that pen. EVERYTHING SECURED TO LEAVE except me,yep,I should of taken a diaper bag with a change of clothes. And now when friends ask " whats those clothes in your van" I just tell them ,you never know about those hunting dogs. If you know of anyone that wants to go STRAIGHT to Mary Jo's please let me know.

Now here is one interesting and ongoing story. Last year we featured an article about a gal who designs handbags, "Not Your Momma's Handbag", her name is Ellen Reed. She is also a fantastic Photographer! Anyway, she most always comments on our blog articles. A shout out to Ellen for feedback. It is always appreciated. Good luck with all of your creative endeavors. Oh and keep commenting. Smiles

From Facebook...

Just got back from a trip to Mary Jo's from VA. Found beautiful fabric to cover my couch, some for curtains for my living room and some for curtains for a guest room. I LOVE MARY Jo's! I think this sign should say "Entrance - Fabric Heaven"

Camilla Hanes Porter I have been there once but it sticks out in my mind. You have a tremendous amount and variety of fabric. I cannot wait to come back.

Do you have a project to share with us? Please send an email today, you and/or your business could be our next feature. Thanks in advance, enjoy these languid days of summer.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you! You are very sweet to mention me.....
I comment because I also write 2 blogs...not daily, but often enough to really appreciate how much work goes into every post.
I think you have many folks that read you regularly, but might be hesitant to comment....DON'T BE!
It is easy...just click on the word "comment" and it will take you to a screen that allows you to write about how much you enjoy this blog.....believe me bloggers LOVE comments.
Don't be afraid you will say something wrong, even complaints can be handled in a polite way.....that's all that is required, common courtesy.
I encourage anyone who follows this blog to comment with me (that means you too mom!)