Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunny Days and Sewing Projects...

With all of this amazing Summer weather it can be hard to stay in the house and create in our sewing rooms. However, sewing is a state of mind and a simple conversation with a friend can be sheer inspiration for many new projects. I was on our Sailboat chatting with a new friend about Sewing, Projects, Fabric, Design and Family. The "Fabric" of our lives intertwining as we discussed the pluses of making our own napkins. She has a house full of small children so her napkins are fun and vibrant. I like colorful woven fabric (as opposed to printed) for napkin making. The woven will last longer and hold its vibrant colors for many years. Mary Jo's has fabric for your napkins in departments you would not typically associate with such a mundane item.
Let's take a cruise through the Drapery/Upholstery Department. First there are many woven fabrics that truly lend themselves over to a long-term napkin. If you choose a light weight damask you can create napkins and matching table cloths and table runners. Damask is also a great choice for a light summer blazer or a skirt with fantastic weight and texture. We also have some very bold and large patterned florals which can be fun and sophisticated.
The quilting department has wonderful colored and fun patterns of all designs. Your children will love the bug and butterfly patterned prints.
Another great tip log onto our sale page and see what is newly posted "on sale". Click through, the last few pages that is where the new stuff is hiding out.
So take a moment and log onto the website. It is quick and easy to make a napkin and at Mary Jo's we make it extremely affordable.

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