Sunday, October 17, 2010

Presidential Fabric, West Africa & The Peace Corp...

Our customers are incredibly talented and what they do with Mary Jo's fabric is nothing short of amazing.
The story you are about to read comes from a proud Mama, stateside (N.C.) and her darling son who is far way, in Cameroon, West Africa. What this generous hearted fellow did with the fabric, sent to him, is one sweet story. Wow, 10+ Yards of "Obama" fabric goes along way!

Read on:
Hi to all the lovely ladies at MaryJo's!
Our son (Daniel)is serving in the Peace Corps in Cameroon (in Western Africa). He's been there 2 years now, and will be coming home by Christmas.
He told us how excited everyone in his village was after Obama's election so when I saw the Obama fabric in your store I bought a few yards and sent it off for the 3 month mail journey to him. Before it arrived I told him it was coming, and he was so excited that I went back to the store and sent him another 10 yards. You can see from picture what happened to it! He is shown below with his friend, Djawe they "save" their Obama outfits for special occasions, and our recent visit qualified!
We just had a week visit with him and were able to see for ourselves! (He's looking a bit tired in some of these photos as he got malaria when we were there - fortunately he's recovered!)
The Cameroon people have bright fabric for sale everywhere, and the women wear them even when out working in the fields. I noticed that the men tend to wear solid, often pastel colors. The women use every bit of fabric, not even removing the printed selvage edges - nothing goes to waste.
So I'm attaching a few pictures.
One night we stayed in a mission, as there are no hotels in that village. We took a panel of nativity fabric from Mary Jo's and the priest was planning to use it on the altar at Christmas. So this Christmas, when hundreds, perhaps thousands by Dan's estimate, of people gather at the mission for Christmas service, they will be seeing the fabric on the altar!
Maeve Archibald
Belmont, NC
Thanks to our neighbor Maeve, in Belmont for sharing her very interesting story.

Mary Jo' Cloth is ready for all of the Halloween, special fabric you may need. Log onto to the website and start imagining all of the possibilities. If you have a moment send us a few photos of your ghoulish creations. We would love to see what you are all up to.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story....smiles.

Katie said...

This is such a cool feature, I love the clothing they created!

maloneymk said...

My daughter is in the Peace Corps too. in Rwanda. The fabrics are so amazing! I could have come home with a thousand pieces without feeling like I got everything I liked! Peace corps had some really great 50th Anniversary Peace Corps/
Obama stuff... I wonder where to find the fabric!