Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fabric At Scary Low Prices...

There is nothing more fun than finding a great bargain. The recession seems to be hanging on and at Mary Jo's Cloth Store we are diligent about having a generous amount of "SALE" fabric. Online you will find it on the sale page and at the store, in the bins located at the ends of aisles.
We have heavy weight upholstery fabrics online for as low as 4.50 a yard. We also have fabric featuring dynamic colors, textures, patterns, weights and styles that will blow your mind.
A few of our favorite online picks, today, are a beautiful rich Paisley in a Forest/Autumn color schematic and at only $4.50 a yard it is an inspiration to think of all of the different ways this lovely material could be used. Another gem, for only $4.50 per yard is a fun cotton print which sports the cheerful palette of Blues and Yellows. This could brighten up a room, be paired with like colors for a quilt or you could even stitch up a few napkins for your next dinner party.
As always we encourage you to cruise around the SALE section of our website, we are always adding new choices. Remember the selection changes often and the supply is limited.
Do you quilt? If so please send us a few pics of your latest project. We would love nothing more than featuring your fine work. We thank you in advance.
Happy Halloween!

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