Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fabric, Family, Friends & A Feast...

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. Daydreaming of that special day is hard not to do. The house will be filled with the aroma of roasting Turkey, and all of the side dishes. Just thinking of who will be gathered round the table or maybe even how many tables will be full, is part of the fun! Laughter fills the air, oh yes it will be a good day. This yearly tradition of feasting and being with family and friends is a ritual worth to holding onto.

Here at Mary Jo's we have been helping our customers with Tablecloth and Napkin fabrics for almost 60 years! Our shelves are full of beautiful Heavyweight Cottons, Woven and Printed patterns as well as lovely Damask-style patterns that wash well and always look like a special event! Log onto or if you are close enough pop into the store, we would love to see you.

Speaking of the holidays, the next biggie is only six weeks in the future. Yikes. We have many new styles of Holiday Prints and colors to choose from.
Did we mention the Trim Department? In a few weeks we are featuring an article on "Trimming The Halls". You will be amazed to see the fantastic array of trims we stock. Golden & Silver Braided Threads, Shiny and Brightly Colored Beads, Painted Baubles, and plenty of over the top Baroque-style Tassels. That is a short list of the trim possibilities, cheap enough to by by the Spool to easily decorate your home for the Season.

If you have moment during this busy season could you snap a few pics of the holiday finery you have created and email them to us? It is always a delight to share our talented customers beautiful work.

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Anonymous said...

The holidays are nothing without a trip to MJ's! smiles....