Saturday, November 6, 2010

Gear Up For The Holidays, Mary Jo Style...

It is the time of year to turn back the clocks, sunnier mornings, darker earlier. Hmmmm, fall back, maybe it is not such a bad idea after all. The plus side is we have more time indoors before suppertime and possibly a bit more time to get into the sewing room and create some magic. The seasonal checklist includes, New Tablecloths and Napkins for holiday dinners or maybe a new Tree Skirt for your Christmas tree. A few more simple ideas could include Christmas stockings, Holiday style Aprons for looking your best while creating your holiday feast. Holiday Guests will be arriving soon, this is the perfect time of year to consider recovering a sofa or chair, stitching up some new pillows for a fresh look or you could even top off your decorating project with some new curtains. Yes, as always the possibilities outweigh the time you may have available but the benefits are a gift that will keep on giving.

At Mary Jo's Cloth Store we have everything you will need for your holiday sewing binge! Our shelves are stocked to overflowing and have an array of holiday inspired prints and colors that will make you swoon with delight. The upholstery section has heavy weight fabrics that are durable and affordable. Some of the woven styles that are as much as 40-60 dollars per yard in other fabric stores can be had at Mary Jo's Cloth for 20 dollars and under per yard! Yes you can really pick up high quality fabrics for less.
We have a beautiful collection of fabric for all of your curtain/drape needs. Lovely and inexpensive, it just does not get any better.
Log onto the website and as always check the sale section for some extra special bargains.

A few weeks ago we featured several costumes created by some of our Mary Jo's sewing community. We recently received a few more pics from some of our MJ Blog readers. We love the Wizard of Oz crew. So sweet and well done, so happy our fabric can be turned into beautiful costumes and memories, Dorothy and her motley crew never looked so sweet! A creative Mom stitched up a viking costume for her toddler. Cute as a bug.
Thanks for sending in your photos, we are always so proud to be able to share your beautiful work on our Fabric Blog. Do you have a project we could share? Drop us an email with a photo today.

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