Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Free Shipping...

Free shipping! What better way to thank you, our customers for your continued business. During this very busy time of year you can pour a cup of tea and snuggle up to Maryjos.com day or night. No driving, finding a parking spot or fighting with those pesky Christmas crowds. So the deal is this, buy as much as you want, with a minimum purchase of $50.00 we will ship it to your home or business for FREE. This special offer will continue through-out the entire month of December.
Now is the time to think strategically. Are you a Quilter? We have so many new prints, patterns and colors all just waiting for you to snap up and turn into a fabulous piece of creative genius. We know many of you own businesses that depend on Mary Jo Cloth for your fabric. Take a look and check your shelves, now is the time to order for next year. The prices of course are great and the shipping is free. It is always nice to capture a bit of income on the back end, now is the time. Designers, Upholstery Professionals, Costume Designers and Dress Makers we have loads of specials, closeouts and sale fabrics. Sweet deals just in time for the holidays.
Have you checked out our "What's Hot" section of the website? We have some cool instant gifts. We are carrying a line of Shopping Totes by Patty Reed, we have many different designs and colors, 15.5 x 15.8, for only 4.99 and it gets better they are created out of recycled bottles! We also have the very popular gift, "Snuggie". Perfect for curling up and watching the game! We have many popular teams in a variety of school colors. These quick pick up gifts are only 16.99 each, oh and we will ship them to you for free during the entire month of December.
Do you have project to share? We would love to see your work please take a moment and send an email with a few photos, we would delight in featuring you in an upcoming article. Happy Holidays.


John & Stacie said...

I just tried ordering something online tonight, well over $50 minimum, and the website still wants to charge me $15 for shipping? I'll have to call the store tomorrow...unless your website hasn't been updated yet.

Mary Jo's Cloth Store said...

We have fixed this problem. So sorry for the inconvenience.