Friday, December 31, 2010

Resolutions & Free Shipping and an Elephant...

Today is the final day of free shipping. To tempt you we have added some new items to our Sale Page, we have 175 fabrics, on sale today.
Imagine a tapestry fabric for only 3.50 a yard or a beautiful cotton printed pattern by Richloom for only 4.50 per yard? We are also featuring a line of small prints and large damask style patterns, again as low as 4.50 per yard. One of the beauties we have on the Sale Page is a woven upholstery fabric with a contemporary pattern in beige's and deep taupe's. This fabric would look stunning on an Ottoman, Chair, Pillows or even a heavy Duvet Cover. Oh, the best part? Somewhere else you may pay upwards of 30-40 dollars per yard, we are offering this beauty at only 13.98 per yard. If you want to find this specific bolt, log onto the Sale Page and click until you get to number 124, you will not be disappointed. While you are shopping, think about the upcoming year and the projects you have resolved to start and complete. We have much of what you may need. Do not hesitate to "Ask Mary Jo" any question you may have about what we carry and what you are in need of. We are here to help and make your experience the best it could possibly be.
Here is a fun challenge, on the Sale page we have fabric that features a classic Indian style Elephant. So here is the idea, what cool thing can you do with this fanciful printed piece? A Pillow, Tote, or pieces in a Quilt. I am looking forward to some emails with photos of what YOU did with this fun and fanciful Elephant.
Let us be the first to wish you and your family a 2011 that is filled with harmony, happiness, prosperity and plenty of time to sew!

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diane@onlinefabricstore said...

I would create a stunning upholstered headboard with that elephant fabric...add a moroccan lantern as a ceiling fixture, some wonderful bedding and you have a centerpiece for the room.