Thursday, May 24, 2012

Quilting As Inspiration...

Sometimes it can be a little hard to get into the sewing room and create a project. That is when it is wise to get a little outside inspiration. You can try browsing through some great quilting books, magazines and even some catalogs. We usually chose the internet first. Why? It is an incredible wealth of information and inspiration. Sometimes nothing is more fun than gazing at page after page of inspired and beautifully created Quilts. We are always surprised and delighted by the gems that are featured on the web.
A recent tour of internet Quilting blogs brought us to Victoria Gertenbach, her blog is called The Silly BooDilly. This sweet read is filled with her quilts and other projects which she sells in her Etsy shop. Her work is filled with vibrant color. She displays her Quilts in a style that is truly beautiful. Hung simply on the wall, with a vase of flowers or some fruit is her typical M.O. It works, splendidly. Today we are going to not only featuring her fantastic Quilt portfolio, but are also going to share her thoughts and tips on making a scrap quilt.

"Long ago, every woman who sewed had a scrap bag. Fabric was precious and nothing could go to waste. She often pulled from her bag of scraps when making her quilts, and I've often read historic accounts of elderly quilters who fondly remembered the thrill of getting to go through their mother's scrap bag when first learning how to piece.

In another nod to the past I did some research and decided to make a "Pressed Quilt"...
What exactly is a pressed quilt? Well, from my research, it seems to be an old fashioned, and now seldom used term, to refer to quilts where the blocks are sewn onto pieces of foundation fabric. It takes it's name due to how each piece of fabric, after being stitched down, is opened and pressed with an iron before the next piece is sewn on.
Crazy quilts are sometimes sewed this way, as are some strip quilts, log cabins and various variations, (such as "Courthouse Step" blocks, which is what I have done here). It comes in very handy when using smaller bits of fabric, or strips of fabric cut off-grain, which could easily become distorted without the foundation to add support. (I've worked this way lots of times before, as I am sure many of you have, too. I just had never heard of the term "pressed quilts" before, and always enjoy learning something new... especially when the information is old!)

And one more thing,
I didn't realize it while sewing, but looking at the vibrant colors and pieced blocks in these two new pieces, I would be remiss if I didn't point out that I definitely believe that my reviewing Malka's book, Fresh Quilting, had a strong impact on my subconscious!"
Victoria, you are an inspiration, keep up the great work. It is such a joy to view your brightly colored well designed and beautifully made quilts. We love your presentation of your very lovely work. Thanks.

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