Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Turquoise, A Perfect Color For Your Summer Lifestyle...

Summertime is fast approaching. Do you have a Summerhouse, somewhere near the water? If not, maybe you need to re-invent your own home into a space that feels like a relaxing vacation home? Easy? Yes! How? You ask. Simple answer, Fabric! It is in-expensive and you can do so much with so little and even more with yards and yards! If you want to change a room you can hang some new curtains, slipcover furniture, make some pillows, a tablecloth or stitch up a throw for a bed or recover a headboard. 
Here is the deal, at Mary Jo's Cloth we have many choices of seasonal fabric. Popular colors and patterns, the same stuff you could buy ready made at a home store can easily be created by you, at a fraction of the cost. We have expanded our Home Décor selections and we have worked hard at making sure all of the popular colors of the season are a big part of our summer collection. If you want to really feel like you are on a Summer Holiday, surround yourself with the colors of the season!

Have you ever been inspired by a color? There is a gal on the web, Erin Olsen, she has a wonderful gem of a blog called “House Of Turquoise”. The remarkable thing about her very sweet, informative and imaginative blog is that she really is about everything in shades of Turquoise. It happens to be a popular color this year. Folks are pairing it with Funky shades of Orange and odd Chartreuse Greens. Turquoise is also a natural with a Seaweed Green and rich Dark Browns and Ebony Blacks.If you want a modern look, Turquoise and White or Cream, elegant and modern! Who would have imagined that such a strong color could play well with so many other colors. Thanks Erin for your insights and truly lovely, inspirational blog. Love it!

Now, Mary Jo’s Cloth Creatives. We NEED to see your projects. What are you creating with Mary Jo’s carefully chosen, just for you, Cloth? Send us a few photos and an email today. Don’t wait, your Project, Blog and Website could be featured in a series of upcoming articles on Home Décor. 

We thank you in advance. Now go to your sewing machines and get to creating! You will be happy that you took our advice!

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