Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Color, Color, Color...

Today the newest color issue of House Beautiful arrived in the mail. There is nothing like being a bit of a voyeur and peeking into some really fabulous spaces. The colors are all over the map, however they are also somewhat sophisticated.
For classic looks you may want to choose a palette of Taupes, Greys Greens or Blues. Sometimes a whole room of Tangerine, Hot Pink or Lime Green can be a bit trendy and bright. When thinking bright colors, it is usually best to use the splashes of color in Pillows, Curtains or Tablecloths. Even Artwork can have a bit of your favorite POP of color to pull a room together. When re-doing a room or a whole house it is important to think about the following:
1. How will you use the room?
2. How does your color schematic work with the "whole house"?
3. Is this a classic color that you can change up just by throwing in some new Pillows, Curtains or a Tablecloth?
This is important. The more you know and understand, the better equipped you will be to make an informed decision.
On the internet if you google "color in the home" and click on images you will be supplied with more inspiration than you will ever have the time to implement. Really! This is a fun exercise when you are thinking shades of colors and how they will play with some of your bright pops of color.
One of the blogs I stumbled upon had some interesting thoughts on a conservative but truly lovely "whole house color scheme" that could be incorporated into living and work spaces.
If you want to create good flow and cohesiveness in your home, a whole house color scheme is the way to go. It is not about having the same color throughout the house, but instead using colors throughout the house that coordinate with or complement each other.
I know…sounds easier said then done!  The new Martha Stewart Living paint line at Home Depot. Each paint chip has a color key symbol in the upper right hand corner. For easy coordination, simply select colors for your home from the same color key.  As long as the symbols match you can’t go wrong. We started with choosing the perfect color for the nursery. We moved into this house with a new (less than a month old) baby boy, whom in our old house never had a space other than a play pen. Naturally we wanted to welcome him to his new home with a great nursery just for him.
Thanks so much for the inspiration Jackie. 
Click here to go to her website.

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