Thursday, August 23, 2012

Facebook, Etsy and Stitching Up A Dream...

A few months ago we posted a request on our Mary Jo's Cloth Store Facebook Page.
We wanted to know how you were using our fabric in your businesses. Seems a whole lot of you are selling through ETSY. We are impressed with the talent that responded. It must be true, you can SEW your way to success and we can help!
Thanks to all of you who responded in emails and on Facebook.

The following are this months featured customers.

1. Lauren Perkin - owner, maker, designer
"I have a degree in interior design and a whole lot of imagination. Currently, I live a dreamy life in North Carolina, where I get to wake up every day and work really hard at creating beautiful things."
Click here to see Etsy Store.

2. Lisa Gay - "I design sewing patterns and most of my fabric comes from MJ's. :)"
 Click here to see Etsy Store.

3. Emily Brown - "Welcome to made by emily! Take your time looking through my aprons, oven mitts, pot holders, and burp cloths. Choose the fabrics and style that best fits you!"
Click here to see Etsy Store

 4. Lisa Carpenter - "We update vintage lamp bases and hand craft shades to be complementary.... using Mary Jo's fabric, of course! Click here to see her Etsy Store."

 So here is the thing. We love that you count on us for beautiful fabric at terrific prices. We understand that you need to have a reasonable profit margin for your Etsy business. So in the spirit of you making a bit more cash in your pocketbook, remember that we post new SALE items several times a week. Sometimes it can be fun to design a few pieces from fabric & trims you had not expected to come your way at such an amazingly inexpensive price. You may want to consider logging on to often. Take a few moments and cruise around to see what you can see. We think you will be delighted.
If you own a "Fabric" business and would like to share your online store, Blog or website, please send us an email today.
If you are a Facebook user,  "like" us on Facebook. You can keep up with the latest at Mary Jo's Cloth Store, online and in the store.
We thank-you for being wonderful customers. Enjoy these late summer days.


YankeeQuilter said...

This is how social media is supposed to business telling us about their customers while reminding me it is time for a roadtrip to Mary Jo's!

Lisa said...

Thanks for featuring my Etsy shop, Cruel Mountain!

Lauren said...

What an honor to be featured! I love Mary Jo's and couldn't run my business without it!