Monday, October 15, 2012

Autumn, Special Prices & Prize Winning Contest...

Autumn. There is a nip in the air, the leaves are turning and the color of the landscape is backlit by the sunshine and is sparkling like jewels. Brilliant Yellows, Oranges, Ruby Reds & Rusts is the perfect counterpoint to the evergreens which never change color!At Mary Jo's Cloth we have Autumn colors filling the aisles of our store and pages of our website. Quilters, we have new and darling patterns from some of your favorite manufacturers. Home Decor Specialist's and folks that are re-decorating their homes, we are carrying some lovely Paisley's, Tapestries and some fantastic heavier weight Linens, just right for that "French Chic" look.
We also have are main floor selections that you all have some to count on and at prices that are the best in town! For all of you with your sweet ETSY stores, check the sale page for some great choices at reduced prices, it gives you a chance to have a bit more cash in your pocket.

UPDATE: WOW, You are all so talented. We have been receiving some truly fantastic photos of your Costumes. Keep them coming, we are having a great time seeing what you do with our cloth! Halloween Costume Contest. DO you want to be the winner of our 100$ Gift Certificate? Now is the time & here's the deal. Send us a few photos of costumes that have been made with Mary Jo's Cloth. That is easy. Make sure you send in your email by Monday, October 29th. The winner will be announced in our October 31st (Halloween) Blog article.

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