Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Costume Contest, Honorable Mentions...

What a talented bunch of folks you are, to send in such magical entries!  We wish we could have a dozen First prize winners, it was very hard to choose. We received costumes that were intricate and worthy of a stage play, others that were playful, fun and interpretive. All are quite wonderful. Truly.
Runners Up...
We were especially touched when we received a last minute entry, "The Grinch". The Mom who sewed up this costume included a little story and we would like to share it with you.
My son LOVES Dr. Seuss. His favorite character is the Grinch. He begged and begged to be the Grinch, but not just any Grinch, he wanted to be the "Santa Grinch". Much like in the book, I took a piece of fleece, and put it against him and cut it out. I hand dyed a pair of microfiber leggings, and strips of acrylic fur. I added snaps to the fur so they were cuffs and could come off easily. I took and made his shoes, but just cutting, and sewing... adding a little puff of fur. I hand stitched the white fur to the costume, and, that's all for the Grinch. Cindy Lou Who I made by putting fleece against her and cutting. I cut out a hole for her neck, added scalloped trim, took some barrettes and added ribbon and then attached the wire to that and added more ribbon to disguise the wire bottom that was held up with hot glue. Both costumes only took two days, and it wasn't too hard. They should win because in my son's version, the Grinch and Cindy Lou Who "get married because they love each other."
She sent another note this morning,
HEEEEE!!!! Yay!!! He has dressed up four times... even going to the grocery store or the doctors office he wants to wear it, and he wants the full makeup... Last night he got a few of his t-shirts and stuffed his toys in them, and "sneaked" around our house, "taking Christmas", and I don't know how we are going to break it to him that, Halloween doesn't last forever. He is 3, almost 4. :) Loo just turned 2. Jonathan has further explained to me that he is to get Grinch fabric if his costume wins. :) He saw it there the last time we were there. 
-Evelyn Griffin
So sweet. Miss Evelyn, you won the prize for the most compelling story and wonderfully spirited son. You should buy that little man of yours some Grinch Fabric! She also sent the following email to us, I am sharing with you in case you would like to vote for her Grinch son and Cindy Lou Who daughter. We hope that you win, Evelyn. But we already think of you and your children as winners, what a wonderful Mom you are to your wee ones.
She writes:
 It will literally take three seconds... Please go to this link and vote for my babies. They are in a homemade costume contest. I am trying to get everyone to vote. Just go to the link, click the number of stars. You can also click "Like" or Share. Please o please o please. Halloween Costume Works Contest. They should win because my Little Man says in his ending of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, that the Grinch and Cindy Lou Who "get married because they love each other."

Now for a few other winners...
 1st Place - Dee Gosnell, if you remember she was close last year with her Joker Costume, and came in First again this year.  Phantom of the Opera, is a wonderful tribute to the musical, wonderful, well executed and very well done. She and her son continue to collaborate and create stunning costumes. Great work.

2nd Place - Kathy Dykstra, she has stitched up a very intricate Satin Costume. Her lovely Princess has a matching head piece and a scepter, beautiful attention to detail and a lovely presentation.

3rd Place - Joan Richardson is a doting Grandmother. She sews up costumes for her Grandbabies. We are so happy to see her wonderful creations. Joan you are an inspiration to Grandmothers everywhere.

Honorable Mentions.

 Sarah Tomason- Merida from Brave
Mary Call - My daughter Lydia as Cruella Devil

John Chapman - King Trtiton
Attached are pictures of my entry into the Halloween costume contest! Last year after my friend decided to be Ursula from The Little Mermaid (she's the girl in the second picture), I decided it would be best if I were King Triton! When we first went out for the Halloween festivities I was really surprised that people recognized my character. It was freezing, but I kept my shirt off the entire time to stay true to the character, Ariel’s dad from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. I started making the costume by creating the tail. Not satisfied with the multitude of premade mermaid costume patterns, I decided to make the pattern myself. First I measured my waist and created a tapered tail that looked natural in proportion to my body. Next I made the organza fins that were inserted into the tail. Finally, I sewed the pieces together and added the ruffle to the top. The next part involved making the tutu, that was simple as I just looped tulle over a piece of elastic. I made this part to resemble water and hide my feet that stuck out of the back of the tail. The final pieces, the trident and crown, were made with hot glue, spray paint, and craft foam. As I glued the craft foam together, I stuffed it with stuffed animal stuffing in order give it the three dimensional shape that I wanted. After the glue cooled, I covered the craft foam with Mod Podge to seal the foam and spray painted them both with gold spray paint. The bracers were also spray painted to match. I also styled the wig and beard to better resemble my idea of the character.

Thanks to all who entered this contest. You are amazing. The First Prize winner will be announced tomorrow on Halloween. To all of you who sew, Quilt, create Costumes, Home Decor and Clothing. Please send us your favorite projects, you could be the next Blog Article. One last item, we always have sale items on our website. Log onto Maryjos.com and click on the SALE icon.
Happy Halloween.

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