Thursday, December 27, 2012

Amy Butler Fabric...

Have you been looking for some well priced Amy Butler Fabric?
We have four patterns in the collection. Last Spring we asked you what you wanted to see on the shelves. Amy Butler was one of our top requests. Amy is a delightful designer, she creates fabrics for home and fashion. All of her patterns have a touch of retro, with great colors and fun patterns. We love how she looks at life. From the "Sunnyside of the Street"! To view the collection, click this link to Pinterest, then click and buy!

In the December issue of Martha Stewart's "Living" Magazine she featured darling wooden boxes, covered with fabric. Looks like some of the fabric choices might even be Amy Butlers line of cloth! So we thought you might want to give this easy project a whirl.
Head on out to your local craft store and pick up a few of those cool round or oval boxes. They can be wood or Paper! When you there grab some spray adhesive. We like using the spray adhesive because it leaves no lumps or bumps.
When you get home, cover your work space, so the spray adhesive doesn't get on your lovely table. Simple cut fabric to size, spray the sides of the box with the adhesive and gently press the fabric onto the box. Repeat these simple steps for the lid. Feel free to embellish with a large vintage button on the top, which you can easily adhere with a glue gun. You can also go a bit wild with trim. You can use rick rack, ribbon or even some interesting string. The adhesive will work easily for this as well.
Now you have a perfect box, for giving or maybe you will want to keep it for yourself!
You can also adhere fabric to notebooks. It is really fun once you start thinking about the things you can custom cover with the fabric and patterns of your choice.

For extra inspiration, click and check out this cool blog. The gal who writes it, loves fabric, color and pattern. She is not afraid of using different objects as the base for her fabric covered creations.

When you are finished with our project, send us a few photos, we would love to see what you are doing with Mary Jo's Cloth!

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