Sunday, January 6, 2013

We Need YOUR Opinion and Input...

Hello everyone, Happy New Year.
We are thinking of adding two new departments to Mary Jo's Cloth Store! Sewing Machine & Sewing Instruction/Classes. We are so excited that we decided it would be great to gather your opinions and thoughts about this new endeavor. We need your input and have some ideas that we would like to run by you.

What brand of Sewing machines should we carry? Mechanical or Electronic? Bernina, Singer, Brother, Janome or Michley. Are their other brands that you think are better? We want machines that will work for you, our customers, your needs and desires.

We also are considering offering sewing classes! Think of all of the fun you could have.
What better Gift to give than the gift of a series of sewing classes. Here are some ideas, what do you think? Introductory & Basic Sewing Skills, Kids & Teens, Understanding Patterns, Putting in Zippers, Snaps, Covering Buttons & Button Holes. Quilting, Home Decor, Costumes and Dress Making.

What are we missing? What clever ideas do you have to make the Sewing Machine and Sewing Classes a success? We have more fabric and possibilities than any other Fabric store in North Carolina. Help us to make this another great success!

We always count on Your Feedback! We have folks waiting to hear your comments and suggestions
and this will help turn our little dream into a reality.  Please take a moment and send us an email. We always think it is a good thing to "Be The Change You Want To See!" Send us an email TODAY. We thank you in advance. Happy New Year!


JCnNC said...

Definitely do not go with the high-end machines. I thought my Bernina would last and now the tech says (after ten years) that I need to buy another. I will buy a Janome or other straight stitch without the whistles and bells. IMHO only from Judy C

Mamapow said...

I think you need a range. I don't sew enough for the fancy ones, but know some people who do. Also, When I sewed regularly, my first Kenmore lasted over 20 years;my mom's was older than that. My next one only lasted about 2.5.

I know a lot of the younger girls are starting to sew again. My son's GF was thrilled when she recently got a machine and the first things she made were bandannas for her dog and friends' dogs. BUT and here is the kicker-she monogrammed them. YOUNG people want to be able to monogram so keep than in mind.

Another thing that is really important would be the ability to sew fleece without jamming.

I never took sewing in school aftr 7th grade because my mother didn't think the teacher was teaching me correctly, but the truth is, I never learned to sew till a friend taught me while I was in college; however, I still have issues getting tension and stitch size correct for different fabrics. That kind of thing and how to make the most of the machine would be wonderful..

Irene Jackson said...

Do not carry Singer, they are terrible machines, yes cheap, but cheap is not good for sewing machines. Jannomy is a good machine. You might think about offering a better end machine with layaway.
Classes would be wonderful!! Quilting would be great.
I would love classes during the day time, I live in York, SC. And don't see well enough to drive at night. I can sew, but there is always new things to learn.

Jenny R said...

I would love to shop for Machines at your store. There is only one other shop in Gaston County and they sell only Bernina. You could sell Pfaff, Janome, Husqvarna and Brother.
Many women I work with are always wanting to learn how to sew and quilt but the only option in Gaston County is a Bernina machine. If they want a variety then we have to drive to Charlotte or Shelby. Then we are stuck driving that distance for the classes.
This is a huge and wonderful idea. I love it!!!

Ellen Shore said...

I have a Pfaff combo (sewing/emb) & an Janome embroidery machine. It would be good eventually for you to carry embroidery machines and give classes on them.

Nancy E said...

Love it if you would decide on Bernina. They are wonderful!!!

Tammy said...

Do not sell Singer machines of any type. Years ago they were good the newer ones are trash. Yes I speak from expereince. But My Babylocl machines are dreams come true. WOnderful machines. My sister and neice and other rave over their Brother brand machines. Machine embroidery is very big especailly with all the different age groups. Can't get enough of it..You would do well to offer supplies for the machine embroider's out there. tTreads & stablizers. I would not sell the prepacked designs..Because everyone I know and that is a ton of folks that do machine embroidery like myself we all download designs we order offline.Better prices.

kfc said...

Pfaff is a great machine with its integrated dual feed. But just as important as the machine is having the BEST machine repair department in your store. Great machine repairmen can assist you in making decisions when it comes to sewing. Classes on how to use the machine, the different types of needles and feet available to do a variety of things is also just as important.

Stephanie said...

Oh my dear! I am possibly relocating to Boone, NC soon, and someone told me about a fantastic fabric store in Gastonia. Naturally, I Googled it! Can I just say that I am loving your site, loving your selection, and loving your prices. I can't wait to visit your store.

I have been wanting to upgrade my sewing machine for some time. I have a basic Singer, one that I got to learn on years ago. But it's getting to a point where the starter just doesn't do everything I need it to. I would also love to take classes. I think that's a great idea.

When I make my way there in the coming months, expect to see me!