Friday, July 26, 2013

Summertime, Sewing Circles and Quilting Guilds...

Summertime is our yearly gift from the heavens. We have more time to enjoy the day, our children, friends and relatives. We can garden, travel and stay up late watching the stars. It is also time to think about things we really want to do in the upcoming, Autumn and Winter seasons.
Have you thought about joining a sewing circle or a Quilting Guild? There are plenty in your area, but more about that in a minute. So let's back up.
About Sewing Circles, Wiki says,
"A sewing circle is group of people, usually women, who meet regularly for the purpose of sewing, often for charitable causes.
Examples of sewing circles include the Fragment Society, and the Mennonite Sewing Circle.
Apart from charitable purposes, contemporary sewing circles may be formed into organizations on a national level, such as the Guilds in Australia and America "for people who regard sewing as a creative and rewarding activity".
It has been speculated that the phrase "chew the rag", is related to gossiping while working in a sewing circle."

Sounds right. In the past these circles gathered in homes and Church meeting rooms. The modern Sewing Circle is usually called a"Guild" and these folks create quilts and give them to people who need to be warm in the winter or the very ill or they raffle them then give the money to charity. Guilds are a good giving  organization. If you are interested in being a part of a giving organization, in or near your community log onto,
 Super simple. Just click on your state and they have all of the guilds for each state listed. Quilters are a generous and spirited lot. They are passionate about Fabric, Patterns and being Charitable.
 At  we always have yards and yards of Sale Fabric, we also have a large selection of beautiful patterned fabric at tremendously low prices. Just right for some of these charitable projects, our website is open 24-7 and we ship promptly. If you have a question, just "Ask Mary Jo" someone will get back to you right quick. We are working on the new Website, to make it an even easier shopping experience. Remember, is run by all of us folks here at Mary Jo's Cloth Store. We care about you and your sewing needs. If you need something, have a thought or would like to order something special, do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.
In the Store, we are blessed to be surrounded by a community of amazing sewing fanatics. We have noticed, since opening our Sewing Lounge that many folks are popping in just to chat and hang around. You can log onto our to view and sign up for all of our upcoming Sewing Classes. The next time you are in Gastonia, do stop in. You can see demonstrations of our BabyLock line of sewing machines and browse the 32,000 square feet of Fabric. (The possibilities are mind blowing). Yep, we are looking forward to seeing you!

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