Friday, August 2, 2013

Ikat, 56 Patterns & Great Prices...

Ikat is always popular. We are still seeing it in Pillows, Drapes & Tablecloths. We have seen folks use it for Upholstering their Chairs, Sofas and Headboards. This pattern is bold and gives the look of a sophisticated world traveler. It also mixes well with other solids, which can tone down the pattern and compilment your room. Ikat is versatile.
The Apartment Therapy Blog loves Ikat Fabrics, here is some history behind this bold and somewhat magical fabric.
"The word 'ikat' (pronounced 'ee-KAHT') comes from the Malaysian word 'mengikat,' or 'to tie,' because the loose threads are tied into bundles using grasses or wax-treated cotton to specify where the dye is able to sink in and color the thread (basically a refined type of tie-dye). 

 What this means is that the weaver has to figure out where on the loose threads the dye should (and shouldn't) go in order for it to form the proper pattern when it is woven on the loom. It gets more complicated as you add more colors. Some ikats are made by dyeing the warp threads (the fixed threads that are attached to the loom), some by dyeing the weft threads (the threads that are actually woven in and out of the warp threads), and some by dyeing both, a technique known as double ikat."

At we have 56 different Ikat fabric designs for you to choose from. Great prices. Some as low as 10.98 per yard, true! This collection of Ikat inspired fabric is waiting for you, to use your big imagination and creativity. Get inspired, take a visual tour online of what folks are doing with Ikat, in their homes and in their wardrobes. 
Last July "Crisp Interiors Blog" took a field trip to Mary Jo's Cloth Store, the featured fabric in the article was our Ikat fabrics. So pretty and so inspiring.  Click to read the article

It is summer be bold, have fun. Re-doing a room can be a whole lot of fun, we promise!

Take a moment and send us your pictures of recently completed projects made with Mary Jo Cloth. We are looking forward to featuring you and your project in an upcoming article on our blog.


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