Monday, July 14, 2014

Make Pompom Decorations with Knit Fabric

Decorate for your next party with pretty and cheerful pompoms! You can make a variety of sizes and colors to match the holiday or your event. Make an assortment of red, white and blue pompoms for patriotic holidays, pink and blue for a baby shower or white and cream colors for a wedding.

Hang pompoms outside from tree limbs to create a festive landscape; a beautiful backdrop for wedding pictures; or use pompoms indoors, hanging over buffet tables or grouped in clusters to make a simple centerpiece.

Making knit fabric pompoms is easy.  Just follow the instructions below.  We would love to see how you use pompom decorations.  Please share your photos with us on or by tagging us on Instagram at @MaryJosClothStore!

Easy knit pompoms step-by-step:

To make pompoms you will need cardboard and strips of knit fabric like t-shirt material.  We used Knits by Riley Blake in hot pink and ITY Jersey Knit in a soft blush color.

1. Make a template from cardboard to the size you would like. We used a small plastic tub for the outer circle and an aerosol can for the inside circle.  Cut a small pie shaped piece from the circle. This will create a “C” shaped template. Cut two the exact same size.

2. Using scissors or a rotary cutter and mat, cut knit fabric into long strips. Cut ½-inch to 1-inch wide pieces. You do not need to worry about measuring and cutting accurately; the strips do not need to be perfect.

3. Stack the two cardboard templates together and start wrapping knit fabric strips around the template.  Wrap it with an even tension but not tight. When one piece ends, overlap and start a new piece.

4. Continue wrapping knit fabric strips around until you have at least 4 layers.

5. Place the wrapped template flat on the work surface and place the palm of one hand on top while cutting around the edges with scissors.

6. Cut one strip of fabric to use as a tie.

7. Carefully separate the cardboard pieces, slip the tie in-between and tie tightly, cinching all the fabric strips together.

8. After the pompom is tied, remove the two pieces of cardboard.

9. Fluff the fabric and trim to make an even shape.

10. Continue to make more pompoms! You can create different sizes and colors, or alternate colors when wrapping the template to make a multi-color pompom.

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