Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wow! Look What I Found at Mary Jo’s

Mary Jo’s is known as a fabric mecca for quilting, home decor and apparel sewing. But if you look a little closer, you will discover a few surprises, special purpose materials and unique finds. Here are our top ten favorite specialty products that you might be surprised to find at Mary Jo’s Cloth Store.

1. Billiard Cloth, also know as “pool table fabric”, 66 inches wide, 75% wool, 25% nylon with backing.  This is a heavy, 21-ounce cloth, available in four colors. Used to cover or restore billiard tables and other game tables.

2. Automobile Headliner fabric, a foam back material most commonly used to restore car headliners but it is also a great product for lining shipping and storage cases, gun cases and drawers. Headliner fabric is also a popular material for making dolls and puppets.

3. Heat Resistant fabric is coated with aluminum and available in plain or quilted cloth. It is used for ironing boards, sewing tables, oven mitts and potholders. 

4. Cow hides also known as hair on hide. Full cow skins are used as area rugs or for upholstery or custom purses and bags. Each hide is unique. Some hides are natural while others are dyed or printed.

5. Silver Cloth is made specifically to prevent tarnishing of silver and silver plate items. Silver cloth is used to line chests or cabinets or sewn into jewelry pouches or bags for storing candlesticks and silver serving pieces.

6. Vinyl Mesh is a durable vinyl encased polyester material used for lawn and patio furniture, office chairs and shade structures and available in a wide range of colors. 

7. Cotton Art Canvas #10 a heavy cotton canvas, 60 inches wide and is stretched on frames by artists for paintings and also used for tarps, tents, upholstery, banners, theatrical backdrops and tote bags.

8. Clear Vinyl #30 is a heavy, rigid crystal clear vinyl used for windows in marine and tent windows, enclosures, table covers and crafts.

9. Ripstop Nylon fabric is light weight and water resistant. Used for making flags, kites, banners, windsocks, pennants, backpacks and outdoor apparel.

10. Rhinestone and crystal bandings are an elegant and glamorous embellishment for formal wear, costumes and decorative accessories. Available with plastic or metal mesh backing, rhinestone banding is a hot trend in wedding cake design.

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