Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Blast From The Past...

Hearing the stories and experiences that sometimes took place many years ago and how Mary Jo's Cloth Store is woven into the fabric of our customers lives makes my job priceless. Last week I received an email that tells a great story in a heartfelt way and yes, Mary Jo's Cloth Store made a difference!
Take a moment to read Miss Donna's story.
"Our daughter was still an infant when I decided that I would make her wedding gown. My husband is a retired Navy officer, a veteran of 26 years of active service. We had been stationed in many places that boasted wonderful fabric stores over the years but when our daughter and future son-in-law announced their engagement we happened not to find ourselves in one of those places. We were living in a small city in Northern California by then with only fairly passé fabric stores from which to shop. My daughter had picked out a pattern and wanted lace on her gown like the lace on the pattern picture. I called McCall’s Patterns and they very helpfully told me the lace manufacturer’s name and suggested stores in my state that might carry it. There was a well-known chain of fabric stores in northern California at that time that I was familiar with that happened to be one of the stores mentioned I called the flagship store, located in Pacific Grove, California near where we had been stationed last. I was told that they carried the brand of lace but if I wanted a specific lace they would have to order it and I would have to buy the entire bolt rather than just the amount I needed. So I called the fabric manufacturer in New York… They recommended calling Mary Jo’s and kindly provided me with the phone number. I called Mary Jo’s and my call was given to a very knowledgeable sale’s woman in the bridal department named Angie. (I know this because I still have the invoice along with remnants of that beautiful lace.) She assured me that, not only did the store carry a good quantity of the lace I wanted and in the color I wanted but they would sell me only the amount I needed. She asked if I would trust her to match the colors I needed for the various trims. The order was taken I was assured that she would mail them to me promptly. So she did. I was not disappointed. Thank you so much, Mary Jo’s. The gown was stunning and so was our daughter who was married on January 16, 1993. She’s still married to the same wonderful young man and is the mother of our ten year old grandson. And I’m still sewing…
Thanks for sharing Donna.
I had a conversation with Angie, yes the same Angie in the letter.She remembers this very transaction! "It was wonderful to hear from you! Talk about a trip down memory lane! At that time, I was in Mail Order and loved to work with our “Mail Order Brides”. It was so exciting putting together those dreamy dresses. I would get as nervous as the brides (and moms) when I picked their laces and fabrics for them. And now, after so many years, to think that maybe I was a part of something so wonderful and lasting is such a blessing. Thank you for sharing!"
After all those years Angie is still with us and is now the webmaster of She is always a joy and fun to work with.

I love my job as the Editor of MaryJo's Design Blog, hearing your stories is the best part! Do you have a story to tell? Please send an email and if you would like, include a few photographs of the project.

PS. We are working on the Community page, loading in your emails, projects and photographs. Check the website often, it will be up and running soon.

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ghassada said...

Saturday January 3 2009
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