Friday, November 28, 2008

Quilters By the Busload...

Did you know that Quilters come to Mary Jo's Cloth Store in Tour Buses? We love to see them pull up in the parking lot. The whole group enters the store chatting, laughing and they are ever so happy to be there. The buses come from Tennessee, Alabama, Florida and other far away locations. We are always so happy to welcome such a jovial group. Quilters and Mary Jo's are two words that just go together. These groups are often Quilt Guilds who have decided to make the "pilgrimage" to Mary Jo's. In the quilting department we have the standard cloth choices you have come to expect,
but the cool thing about Mary Jo's Cloth Store is that we stock seasonal colors and patterns. It is our policy to have as many choices as we can fit on the shelves at any given time. We have an incredible selection, in the store and on the website. Have you logged on lately? The choices and prices will excite you.
We also stock a wide variety of Trims, Ribbon and Rick Rack. We also work really hard to keep our prices not only affordable but also an outstanding value.

Now all of you Quilters who are planning a big bus trip, give us a call. It gives us a chance to be ready to welcome you. We can also make sure we have extra people to add to our regular helpful staff who will be available to make your visit fun, exciting and the adventure you are expecting.

I get letters weekly from many Quilters/Readers sharing their stories and projects. I love looking at all of the photos you send. WOW. The work is always so beautifully executed. I admire the skill and imagination that goes into each creation and I thank you for sharing so freely. My heart always skips a beat when I look upon a project that someone made with forethought, care and passion.

By the way, Quilters/Readers can you send some Christmas Quilt/Stockings/and other Holiday related projects my way (This Week!). I would love to feature your beautiful work in an upcoming article, before Christmas. Your work will inspire other quilters! Send an email today.
Thanks in advance.

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The Nester said...

Hi there!

I have a fast and adorable Christmas Craft I would love to share. My email link isn't working right now.

But, my project is on my blog today just click my name "Nester" and it will take you to my profile and then click on Nesting Place to see December 1st project labeled "Fur Wreath" with fur that I got at none other than Mary Jo's!

I love the store!

My email is: nestergirl{at}gmail{dot}com