Saturday, February 28, 2009

Buttons, Bows and Artful Bras...

Inspiration is everywhere. We received an interesting email from the
Quilters of South Carolina. These gals have been busy. They created a
"Traveling Art Show" to benefit Breast Cancer Awareness. I was delighted when I
went to their website. It features one of a kind "Artful Bras".

Each was created with a theme, everything from buttons and bows to hooters! The exhibit consists of 49 original works of art which are unique, entertaining, humorous, and beautiful. The goal is to make the public aware of breast cancer, to memorialize those lost to the disease and to honor survivors.
Each bra could have been created from materials purchased at Mary Jo's Cloth Store!
This exhibit has gathered so much attention that folks all over America are
forwarding the link to their friends email in-boxes.
We can all make a difference and today the winners are the
Quilters of South Carolina! They are bringing the awareness of Breast Cancer to center stage. This exhibit will tour S.C. until October, at which time
these Artful Bra's will be auctioned and the money will be donated to the
Best Chance Network. Good and inspired work, ladies.
Don't miss this show and opportunity to raise awareness. Forward this to a friend, go to see the show and consider getting a group together and attending the finale and auction party in October.
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Vicki said...

Thanks for putting info about our Artfull Bras on you blog. Lots more folks will see them now.

Zenchukovskiy said...

Oh my God! I've never seen such bras))))) My parents promissed me to buy one of such bras for me, if I'll get a good mark for my term paper, so I decided to buy a term paper ))))