Friday, February 13, 2009

Throw Open the Window...

On a bright winter's day the sun can flood a room with light. Sunshine filters in through lace curtains, a light gauze or even a bright white cotton fabric also can look fresh and soothing. Today is the kind of day to throw open the window (if even for a brief moment) and let the fresh air in.
I woke up this morning thinking of window treatments.

I ruminated on fabrics ranging from heavy Paisley's and tone on tone Damask, to the sheerest organza that can catch every breeze and fill a room not only with light but motion. Mary Jo's Cloth has an inspirational collection of fabric for all sorts of Drapery idea's. Our Home Decor Fabric buyer, Betty Cloninger, is a talented women with a knack for choosing colors and patterns that are popular and classic all at the same time.I love to spend time in her department, it always makes me feel like everything imaginable is possible!

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Trims for Valances and Drapes are plentiful at Mary Jo's, everything from crystals to beads, baubles, ribbons, satin rope, and a multitude of other clever trims. The "color ways" work with the fabrics we have in stock so it is easy to find what you need so you have more time to create the perfect curtain for your favorite window. While you are at it you might want to think about picking up a few extra yards so you can have a companion tablecloth this will help to tie a room together.

The possibilities in home design are truly endless and with money so tight Mary Jo's Cloth can absolutely give you that "Bang for the Buck" you have been craving.
I was at a few other drapery fabric specialty stores and was shocked to see prices 3 and even 4 times higher than the prices at Mary Jo's Cloth for the exact same fabric. Log on or stop by the store and get started on your new spring project today!

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