Sunday, May 31, 2009

It is Time To Celebrate...

At we are celebrating the First Anniversary of the launching of our online shopping experience! Time flies when you are having fun, oh and we sure do.
Imagine the trips that were not taken and the gas money that was saved, just by the simple act of logging on and shopping online. We are delighted to have served customers from as far away as Guam, Australia, England, Canada, and South America as well as all of our stateside shoppers and the local contingent right here in the Carolina’s. We thank you all for your purchases and for sending us your Stories & Projects and sharing your Mary Jo’s Cloth Store experiences with us.

Many of you have given us valuable feedback, in regards to making the website an “easier” place to shop. We have heard you loud and clear. Changes on the website are being made and will be implemented in the next few weeks.

Several months ago we rolled out an online Customer Community Page. Simply put, this is a section on our website devoted to You, your Projects and Stories. We also are posting your upcoming quilting, doll making, and other sewing events, so send them in. Take a moment and check this section out, you may want to consider contributing a Story or Project of your own. It is always fun to know that your work, tips, and sage advice can help and certainly inspire other folks in our sewing community.

Approximately 10 months ago we created Mary Jo’s Blog which is a Sewing & Design Online Magazine. We have featured articles about Quilt-making, Costumes, Doll-making, Fun Tablecloths, Curtains & Drapes, Bridal, Fabulous Trims, Cloth Paper Dolls and Home Design. We have also written stories about customer projects such as Teddy Bears, Purses, Quilts, Children’s Clothing, Sculpted Dolls and much more. Log on to the Blog, take a moment and scroll down to some of the older articles to make sure you haven’t missed anything that may be interesting to you.

We are happy and honored to be able to make a difference in the world of fabric and to share the passion of sewing and creating. Whether you are at the Store, noodling around on the Website or exploring and reading our Blog, inspiration is always at your fingertips. Mary Jo’s Cloth Store, online or in person is a place where you have total access to everything you will need to be inspired and the Fabric/Trim and Notions you will need to execute whichever project you may be dreaming up.

Do you have a story or project to share? How about some interesting tidbits, insights or thoughts about your experience at Mary Jo’s? Now is the time, we would love to hear from you. Drop us a note (with photos, of course) today.

Sew for now, that is all.
Happy Anniversary from Mary Jo’s.