Friday, July 3, 2009

Flowers, Tractors and the Tarheels...

Happy Independence Day Weekend! We hope you had fun celebrating our nations 233rd Anniversary. Nothing says summer like a picnic with friends and family.

What do flowers, tractors, fish, boats, cars, baseball, basketball, kitchen gadgets, toys, holidays and etc...(the list is long) have in common? They are all printed on fabric that is for sale at Mary Jo's Cloth Store! Since 1951 Mary Jo has made it her personal mission to stock her store with cloth that is not only beautiful and inexpensive but unique and interesting. She searches all the sources she can find, to create her collection of cloth. Did you know the store alone is 32,000 square feet of amazing choices? This is why many of our customers call Mary Jo's Cloth Store "Fabric Heaven", "Mecca" or even "Nirvana". Going into Mary Jo's can be an awe inspiring experience. Folks come from all over the country to spend the day looking at bolt after bolt of incredible choices and ultimately purchasing cloth that suits their needs and strikes their fancy. Talk about a fun and satisfying destination!
Prints, let's talk some more. Our customers are kind enough to send us photos and/or descriptions of their handiwork. We were recently delighted by a note from our customer, Ann. "I really get excited about going to Mary Jo's. My Husband and I go yearly and he loads up on fabric with fish, lighthouses, old and antique cars, boats and outdoor type fabrics. I make him shirts both short and long sleeves. We went last year and I made him a lot of Christmas shirts to wear on a tour bus trip to Lancaster and Hershey, Pa. He had so many compliments on them. This year on Dec 1 we are going to Nashville, Tenn on a tour bus and we've been told that everyone goes all out with Christmas apparel so he will be right up there. He also has John Deer shirts out of every kind of John Deer fabric I can find, both short and long sleeves. I also buy children's fabric for the grandchildren and bought a really pretty Christmas kitten fabric to make each of them a pillow case. I make quilts out of the fabric and take scraps of shirt fabric and make my husband quilts. I make me jackets out of Christmas and fall fabric to wear on trips. I get lots of compliments on that. I buy rolls of warm and natural batting for my quilts. We just love shopping at Mary Jo's. It is our favorite cloth store."
Ann Rivenbark

Did you know we have a John Deere apron Panel. Does your fella love tractors and grilling? This is the perfect apron for him and it is only 5.99. OK, Wow it just doesn't get any better. (To order, type "John Deere Apron Panel" into the advanced search field on the website, it will pop right up, only 5.99!)
If this idea appeals to you imagine creating some of your own "Themed Clothing". We have a large selection of specialty prints for Sports Fans, Fishermen, Hunters, Nature Lovers, Grill masters, Airplane Aficionado's, Gardeners, Dinosaur Lovers and the list goes on. The only thing stopping you is your imagination!
Take a moment and log on to and see what we have to offer in the "Specialty Print" world. You will not be disappointed. We look forward to seeing some of your projects, keep those emails and photo's coming, we want to feature you!