Friday, July 31, 2009

Sunflowers and Garden Prints, Step Inside...

When the Sunflowers bloom, high summer has arrived. Their beautiful heads of developing seeds follow the sun across the sky during this special time of year. Later they are decorated with birdies, who are busy extracting the seeds and singing to their hearts content. The colors are a predictable but stunning and happy clear yellow. This family of composites also have a range of creamy yellows to deep rusty oranges. Mmmm lovely.
At Mary Jo's Cloth we have an outstanding collection of Sunflower Prints. Creating Pillows, Quilts, Curtains, Duvets, Tablecloths or Napkins is not difficult to imagine. I have seen many "Sunflower" related home-goods in the catalogues that seem to show up in my mailbox. Sunflowers are popular this season, possibly because they are a joyful color and a flower that make folks smile. I have been tempted (well not really) to purchase everything from painted pillows to hammock throws. It is easy enough to purchase some fabric and whip up a few of these items. You can be inspired by some of the finest retailers in the nation!

Bringing the garden indoors is not hard, it is a way of thinking. Ask yourself these three simple questions... What are your favorite colors, flowers and interests? In the various "Home Design Magazines" I lift ideas and concepts, but whole rooms seem a bit forced and fussy and consumer based. Sometimes I feel like they are selling a product, or many products to create "a look". It takes thought to be original but once you get into the habit it can be very satisfying process. After all, your home should reflect what you love and how you live.

All of you creative sewing friends out there, take a moment to peruse our Sunflower and Garden print collections. I think it will inspire you to create some fun and happy pieces to integrate into your home and maybe even your garden. Send us photos of your creations and projects, we would love to feature your "work" on our community page or even here on our blog. You are some of the most creative and clever folks we know and I thank-you for sharing your talent in advance.

Tips for finding these and other garden prints online...

Go to our website, click on fabrics, select main table, proceed, now select florals, now click around and find what you like...
The prices are great and the shipping is fast and cost effective.
Did you know that Mary Jo's Cloth Store is on facebook.

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