Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sports Themed Bedroom Hits A Home Run...

Do you have a some extra time and a child who is a sports fan?
Would you like to make your child, over the moon happy? Consider creating a "Sports Fan" bedroom. We have gathered together quite a collection of fabric featuring Baseball, Basketball, Football and College Sports teams. Below are some simple tips and ideas on creating your own "Sports Nirvana" Bedroom or Playroom.

Designing a Baseball/Football Themed Bedroom

Things You’ll Need:
Bedding, Curtains, Photos, Posters and Memorabilia awards. You may also want to consider painting the walls or a wall the “Team Color”.

Step 1:
Choose bedding material that features the team logo of your child’s favorite football or baseball team. Also you may want to use the thematic colors of blue, red and white, which are the colors of Major League Baseball. Consider accenting the bedding or extra chairs in the room with sports themed throw pillows, you can easily create them yourself with all of the “Sports” themed fabric available at Mary Jo’s Cloth Store or online at, go to the "Fabric Section" click on Main Floor, you will see the different "Sports Selections" MLB, NFL, College, click around and check it out, you will not be disappointed.

Step 2:
Cover the windows with curtains made from the fabric you used for the pillows or the bedding. Additionally you may want to consider using a solid color that is the official team color, it would coordinate well with the logo bedspread, quilt or throw.

Step 3:
Frame photos or posters of your child's favorite baseball players to hang on the walls.

Step 4:
Display your child's baseball trophies, signed baseballs or gloves, ticket stubs from memorable games and any other memorabilia in a glass case or on shelves.
Step 5:
Consider painting furniture pieces such as a nightstand, a wooden chair or a bed frame in the “favorite team” colors. Paint your child's name and his team number onto a surface of one of these items.

Step 6:
Put baseball-shaped knobs onto drawers and/or doors.
Step 7: Google your favorite teams name and shop for a few perfect accents and lamps that will fit perfectly with your new “All Star” bedroom.

Have some fun with this project. Send in photos of your special sports themed bedroom, we cannot wait to see what you will create.


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