Monday, April 5, 2010

A Call For Quilts...

It has been said that unselfish and noble actions are the most radiant pages in the biography of souls. Indeed. Recently we received a note from one of our Sewing Community members, Catherine Moran. She lives in Santa Rosa, California and has committed this phase of her life to community work. She works with several different organizations in her county. Catherine is all about her work, "Presently, I am the president of the Women's Club for our church and the coordinator of our Sewing Guild. Most of our sewing is quilting for our local Men and Women's shelters. I am also very active in, "The Living Room" which is a homeless shelter for mother's and their children, "Memorial Hospice" which serves the poor and elderly, "Kids Place" which is a a high risk elementary school and "Valley of the Moon Children's Home"." She is also a member of ASG (American Sewing Guild). Whew, this is one busy lady!

We were lucky enough to have a phone chat with Catherine, she is very passionate about her volunteer projects. "Everyday, I am amazed at the generosity of the people here who care about these folks big and small. The other day a young woman told me the story of how one of our quilts that we donated to the homeless shelter that she had stayed in as a child had given her so much pleasure and comfort over the past several years. These stories always remind me that making a difference in someones life is very important. I love my work"

All of you Quilting folks and other Sewing Community members,
we have a question for you. Do you have an extra quilt or fabric that you may want to donate? Think of the impact this simple act could have. A family that is staying in a shelter or someone who is poor or elderly, homeless or terminally ill, would truly appreciate such an act of kindness. Take a moment and think about your cupboards that are possibly full of fabric, maybe you can donate some to this cause. It is as easy as popping the fabric or quilt into a shipping box and sending it out to Catherine in Northern California. We are sure that she and her sewing brigade will quickly turn your generous donation into a quilt for someone who could really use something made with love and goodness.
If you are so inclined you can email Catherine and she will give you the shipping details.
We have faith that some of you will respond to this very special "Call for Quilts". We thank-you for your generosity in advance.

By the way, lots of new items on the sale page, perfect for quilting, tablecloths or a pretty little sundress. Log on soon for the best selection. Do you have a story or a project you would like to share and possibly have featured on our blog? Now is the time, email today!

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What a wonderful thought thank you for sharing this....smiles.