Thursday, April 29, 2010

Krazy, Kooky, Fun and Lacey, Spring Sale...

Browsing through the sale section of the website is always fun. I am always amazed at the variety and the price points. If you are making a wedding dress, we have lace on sale. Going to the prom or know a young lady who is? Wow, do we have some sequined beauties for the perfect sparkly dress. Thinking about making new curtains, drapes, roman shades or a valance? The choices are many and the possibilities are, well, truly endless with colors and prints galore. We even have fun fabric printed with happy elephants, scottie dogs and laughing children, perfect for a sundress or a child's room. We also have many choices of lace collars and lace embellishments that are not only inexpensive (some as low as a $1.50!) and beautiful.
Quilters, you could have a field day, with prices as low as $3.50 a yard you could design and dream up a quilt that will not only be exquisite but very affordable.
Now is the time to grab a cup of coffee or tea, go to your computer and noodle around in the sale section. Oh, it is also fun to click around and see what other treasures you can uncover to add to your fabric collection!
Mary Jo's online selection is terrific, but if you are anywhere near Gastonia, NC., stopping by the store is always a treat.
Be well, Be happy and know we at Mary Jo's Cloth Store are always working very hard to bring you the very best quality fabrics for the absolute lowest price.
Thanks for shopping at Mary Jo's.
Do you have a quilt or a fabric project you would like to share? Send us an email with a photo and we may feature your beautiful project in a future article.

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Spring projects....need more fabric....smiles.