Wednesday, April 21, 2010

June Brides, Happily Ever After...

June is fast approaching and it is traditionally the month of sweeping changes in family dynamics. Our children graduate from High School and College and others are saying "I Do" and marrying their sweethearts. A lovely month filled with many traditions. So the question is how do you impact your family's future history? Here are a few ideas, how about a "Wedding Ring Quilt" for the special couple or a Quilt for a recent Graduate? There is also the lucky Bride who's Mother, Grandmother, Sister or Aunt will help in the making of her wedding dress. The future is filled with the memories of these milestone events. Quilts, dresses and the like are mementos of these milestone occasions.
So let's start with the dress. Lace, Satin, Taffeta and Organza? Ahhh, the mind swirls around with all of the choices and possibilities. Mary Jo's Cloth has a Bridal Department filled with all that you will need. When you are contemplating making your very special Bridal Gown and Veil we can lend a hand. Our Bridal Department has a section devoted to Headpieces and the tulle and netting for the veil.
This would not only save you some cash it will make the Brides day that much more memorable and heartfelt to know that someone she loves has helped to create her "Perfect Look" for this very special day.

Now let's talk Quilts. If a couple dear to you is getting married what could be more traditional and thoughtful than a "Wedding Ring" quilt? Frequent Mary Jo's customers Bob & Sharon Kennedy sent us a photo of a beautiful quilt they recently finished. They are thrilled to be able to give their Grandson a gift that will become a treasured family heirloom.
The possibilities are endless, we have tons of great fabric and prices that are often times too low to be believed. Log on the website or stop into the store today. We are always happy to help you find what you are looking for and exactly what you need.

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Anonymous said...

Weddings....remind me of the dress that my mother made for my wedding.....with lace and fabric from Mary Jo's....years ago....smiles.