Sunday, May 30, 2010

Birdies and Owls, Hoot It Up...

Life is funny. Today I was in the garden, watering and contemplating this article. I was noticing how nature really lays on the color in the late spring. Rich Blues and Purples and the happiest Yellows and Oranges this side of a Canary, a true feast for the eyes. As I was filling up the birdbath I was surprised to find a Blue Robin's Egg lying in the water, perfect in every way no cracks or chips and blue as could be. I looked to the tree above and could not spy a nest. For me nothing is as engaging as a "Garden Mystery". I believe this must be my spring-time gift from the heavens! So sweet and so odd to find an egg lying in a half filled birdbath.

Birdie and garden prints are a mainstay at Mary Jo's Cloth. She always stocks a great collection of prints and patterns inspired by nature. If you log onto the website and put "Birds, Bugs & Butterflies" into the search bar 49 results appear! Most are 6.59 per yard. They are soooo sweet. I am not the only one who has noticed that Owls are very popular this year. Michelle Lamb, a trend spotter says "Owls can be drawn and printed in a real graphic way that can be used really well in fabrics and textiles. They are easy to carve and to etch. The owl is like the new bird -- a retro perspective on the bird trend." Keep your eyes open you will see Owl inspired items for sale in Giftstores, Boutiques and Antique Malls. At Mary Jo's we have Owl fabric in prints and patterns that are colorful, bright, modern and classic. Something for every owl lover. They would be especially fun in a pillow, Quilt or even a lining or an accent in a purse or tote bag. If you have a cabin, camp or vacation getaway in the woods or in the mountains, this would be a super hot pick for curtains, tablecloth or even a light quilt top for a bed.
Do you have a business that uses Mary Jo's Fabric? Dolls, Purses, Aprons, Totes, Costumes, Tablecloths, Napkins, Wedding Dresses, Quilts, Set Design or Interior Design? If you do we WANT to hear from you. Email us and remember to include your website/Blog, a brief note and a few photos. We would be happy to feature YOU in a future column. Thanks and enjoy the last moments of this special Memorial Day weekend, because as you know it is the kick off to Summer Fun!

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Anonymous said...

Owls ARE very popular this year....check out all the ETSY sites with Owl fabric....really! smiles.