Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tips, Tricks and Ideas for Summer Curtains...

The answer is blowin' in the wind...
Walking into a room that is filled with fresh air, light with the curtains billowing from a slight spring breeze is perfection. The Lilacs in bloom outside your open window can fill a room with a scent that is heady sweet/spicy and sometimes so strong you never have to cut them and bring them indoors. It seems that when the birdies are chirping and the flowers are blooming, our personal worlds are filled with as many possibilities as the natural world. This is a magic time of year.

Now is the season to turn your eye towards your windows and the curtains or drapes that are covering them. Light white cotton catching a breeze, a voile or lace panel that diffuses the view, or even a new cool hip/modern colored pattern that is woven or printed are wonderful choices to catch the light and breezes of Summer. Here are a few tips and tricks to consider. What kind of views do your windows have? An easy idea for color continuity is to bring some of the colors from the outside view, inside. Do you have a mountain view or do you look out onto water? Do your windows look out into the garden or do you need to screen the view of a neighbors home.

The list is long, the solutions are many, however it can be a simple process. Look at the furniture in the room, the colors of the walls, then look outside and find the colors that tie it all together. Neutral White and Taupes or even the paler shades of Greens are perfect for creating a "together and cohesive look".

Here is the 411 on curtains. They are really not as expensive as Restoration Hardware or The Pottery Barn would have you believe. Did you know that you can buy Silk Duponi fabric that is a generous 54" for only 13.98 a yard? How about a fantastic Paisley or Toile for only 11.98-13.98 per yard? All this and more is available in our Drapery Department.
So, what is stopping you from living in an environment that is lovely and beautiful? It really does start in your own home and it is simple. The first step is easy, log on to today or pop into the store. You, as always, will be delighted with the selection and the prices.

Please send us photos of your Drapery Re-do's, we would love to feature them on our Community page or in an upcoming article.
Enjoy this beautiful, magical season, Spring is always so fleeting.

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Cheryl Green said...

Thanks for the ideas! I've been agonizing over "new" curtains; this gives me some direction. I'll be in next week to check out fabrics!