Friday, September 24, 2010

Above and Beyond, Read All About It...

We thought we would share the perfect example of how Mary Jo's Cloth Store is not only a place to buy fabric, for incredible prices but that we also go "above and beyond". It warms our hearts that we have made such a big difference. Remember fellow sewing friends, at Mary Jo's we all are passionate about sewing, so talking and giving advice is a pleasure. If you cannot make it to the store, log onto and click the "Ask Mary Jo" button and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. Lisa Ramsey Burgess sent in this sweet story and the happy ending she shared with her daughter, the Bride!
Having only sewn small projects such as sun dresses for my girls as children, a few window treatments and baby quilts I am by no means a seamstress, but when we found the perfect dress for my daughter Holly’s beach wedding I quickly became one. The dress, a vintage Grecian style was about 3 inches too short for my daughters 5'6" frame. Having grown up in Dallas with a mother who has sewn numerous wedding gowns for family and friends and whose eye sight and nimble fingers have given way to age, I knew a trip to Mary Jo's was in our near future. In the bridal and finer fabrics department I was greeted by Melanie, one of a set of twins who works for Mary Jo's. I had brought the dress along and explained our dilemma and she quickly set out to ease all my worries. Taking a small piece of brown craft paper form her table she drew and cut out a small version of the skirt I needed to make. With all the calculations done, fabric selected and measured, and with Melanie’s assurance that I “could do this” I was off to my second hand machine to begin a frightening task. I must admit the scariest part was taking apart the dress whose skirt had a total of five layers. Melanie had shown me how to use the original skirt as a pattern and how to add the needed inches. In no time the new pieces were ready to be sewn together and reattached to the dress top. Boy was I nervous, I called on my Mom for some encouraging words and after saying a prayer I begin to pin and hand stitch the layers and then one by one my machine stitches were in place with the final stitch attaching the new skirt to the top in less than a few hours. WOW! I impressed my self, it was amazing. If you did not know the skirt was original you would have no idea that it had been changed out. My daughter was thrilled, and so was I. I could not have done this for my daughter with out the help of Melanie, I can tell you numerous times over the years where the wonderful folks at Mary Jo’s have answered questions for my mother and I and have always gone above and beyond your typical customer service to assist in our projects. Thank you so much for your continued service and sewn on.
Lisa Ramsey Burgess, Dallas NC

So happy we could help, Lisa. In the store or online at Mary Jo's we can assist you with sage advice and steer you to the fabric that is just right or even help you to try and find those items you just can't find anywhere else. Thanks for shopping with us we appreciate your business.

Do you have a Mary Jo Cloth story to share? No time like the present, send us an email today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Ellen said...

I am so impressed with the outcome! the dress looks absolutely beautiful, and so does the family! I know that if I have a question that my mother cannot answer, I can figure it out with the help of the ladies at MJ's....smiles.