Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sometimes A Great Notion...

Autumn is getting closer by the moment and with cooler days it seems a little easier to spend time in the house catching up on all of those "House Duties". What better time than NOW to get into your sewing room and take stock of your notions and the usability of your space. Take a close look at your space and all of your tools and materials that you use in your sewing endeavors. Starting with the basics, your scissors. Do you need to have them sharpened or is it time to treat yourself to a new pair? When was the last time you used your sewing iron? What is the actual condition? Is the cord and body still in good working order? If not how about considering purchasing a new Rowentra Iron, they really have created a state of the art iron. This beauty comes with all the bells and whistles. We have them in the Notion section on our website. The prices are great and we have three models to choose from! While you are checking out our online Notion department, look at our selection of Scissors, Dress Forms, Sewing Machine Accessories & Needles, Fabric Pens & Markers, Sewing Patterns, Rulers, Tracing Wheels, Quilting Stencils and, and, and the list goes on!

Okay, now that you are inspired to upgrade and organize your sewing area here are a few ideas from some design and organizer gurus to help make this a fun and interesting project. Martha Stewart has a very clever solution to creating a sewing space. Click to read about "Sewing Room In A Closet". has a featured article that shares some wonderful ideas on organization. There is nothing better than knowing where EVERYTHING is and using tools and materials that are in tip top shape and ready for any job you have in mind, now you are ready to sew like a pro.
Imagine the beauty you will create, effortlessly in your newly organized and engineered space.
After you have created your sewing nirvana can you send us a few pics of your fantastic space? We would love to feature you in an upcoming blog article.
Happy Sewing. Now lets be thinking about Halloween, only 6 short weeks away,
Witchy Woman, anyone?

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Ellen said...

Oh thank you for the link to the online notions.....very handy! smiles