Monday, September 20, 2010

Calico, What's Old Is New...

Calico, we associate this style of printed fabric from the time of the Civil War and Pioneers heading West. Did you know this style of cloth was actually created in India in the 12th Century. Yes, this versatile and homey cloth has been around for eons. Let's fast forward to the Calico's of today. The biggest change is the dyes that are used and the machines that create this very special cloth! At Mary Jo's Cloth Store we carry many manufacturer's styles of Calico. In colors that range from the Historical Series of the Civil War to the modern bright and interesting color combination's that meet the needs of today's busier lifestyle. Some Calico's are treated to be Permanent Press or even Stain Resistant. Calico's are always a classic choice for Quilts, linings of Handbags and Shopping Totes, sweet summer dresses, Napkins, Tablecloths and even informal breezy curtains. Calico's come in a range of amazing colors and prints. We have AISLES of this style. Oh and just an aside, did you know much of the fabric used in several movies including The Patriot & Cold Mountain were purchased at Mary Jo's Cloth Store? The Costumers found most of the historic fabrics they needed for these movies that were set in the Revolutionary War and the Civil War Era's.

Take a moment and check out our vast selection of Calico's online at or stop by the store for a real WOW moment. Many Calico's have seasonal color combination's. Autumn is particularly stunning, with rich Russets, brilliant Blues, Butternut Golds and the ever present lush Olive Greens. It is truly easy to be inspired by this humble fabric print called, Calico.

Do you have a story or Project to share? We are always interested in you, our sewing community and what you are doing wit the 1.25 million yards of fabric you bought in 2009. Send an email today. We appreciate the effort.

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