Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wine Corks and A Bulletin Board...

My oh my, do we have a project for you! One of the gals here at Mary Jo's Cloth Store, Betty, was kind enough to share her instructions along with photos of the finished project! Have fun. Remember you can choose from a nice selection of heavy weight Tapestry style fabrics. We have colors to suit every decor. Log onto Maryjos.com for to check out your full range of possibilities.


Wine Cork and Yardstick Bulletin Board
1 1/4 yard jute webbing
1 Yardstick
2 Tassels
1 Button
1/3 yard Ribbon
Fabric Tac Glue
Wine Corks

Turn ends of jute webbing under and glue down. Hold with clothespins or clamps.

Put wax paper underneath jute to protect surface of table. Glue yardstick down.
Glue may go through jute webbing if you use too much.

Glue wine corks to yardstick.

Fold ribbon in half, sew to webbing to make hanger. Sew tassel to fold in ribbon.

Sew button to bottom, sew tassel to to bottom.

Pictured on regal Tapestry - pattern Bordeaux - color Jewel - $12.98 per yard!

Refer to the photos if you are unclear about the simple steps to create this project.
Have fun.

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