Saturday, September 15, 2012

Paisleys, The Holidays, & ETSY...

We have been busy gearing up for the upcoming Halloween and Holiday season. Time sure flies!
So the news, we have been stocking all of those Autumn colored and patterned collections of fabrics that have been your favorites for many years. We also have new lines of fun and quirky fabric that is just right for Curtains, Bags, Dresses, Tablecloths and anything else you can imagine. We know alot of you are purchasing our fabrics and creating beautiful items and selling them on ETSY.
Are you one of the folks who are selling on ETSY? Do you have Autumn and Holiday themed items?
If you do, send us your ETSY link and a brief description of your product, you may be included in an upcoming featured article, here on our blog. Did you know that thousands of folks read our blog every week? This could be a great opportunity to showcase your work. We look forward to seeing your beautiful projects, please send us an email today.

The weather is getting a bit cooler and the days a bit shorter. Soon enough it will be time to sit by a cozy fire and think about what you are going to create for.the holidays. Why wait? Are you a Quilter, Pillow Maker, Seamstress or a Crafter?
Today we are featuring some different styles of Paisley. This is a classic print that is beautiful when used to make a Quilt, Tablecloth, Curtains, Duvet or Large Pillows. The heavier weighted paisley is wonderful paired with some soft classic velvet in earthy colors, try it, we think you will be delighted. For all of you who are costume and clothes makers, we have noticed that Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger are using Paisleys and Plaids mixed with Corduroys and Velvets in their current Fall Collections. How fun would it be to make your own perfectly tailored versions of these top designer styles.
Click to see the many pinned Paisleys we have in stock on Pinterest.  If you have not signed up for Pinterest, you should consider it.
You will never have to look for bookmarks or pages of your favorite items on the Internet, you simply "Pin" them to your board. Easy, Breezy. If you are on Pinterest you can follow the "Boards" that interest you. We hope our "Mary Jo Fabric Blog Board" filled with pins of inspiring fabric and fabric that has been featured in our articles, is a board you will follow!
Thanks, enjoy this beautiful day.


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Great post, always beautiful fabrics shown here -- I'm also partial to paisley.

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Great Post~~ I have two new Halloween Pillows up in my etsy shop ( ) and I happen to have the green paisley pillow for sale in my store as well! Fun coincidence!

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