Friday, September 21, 2012

A Quilting Inspiration & Mary Jo's Batik Collection......

We have a customer who is a "Quilt Artist" and "paints" with our line of Batik Fabric. In April of 2011 we featured her work in an all around general article on quilting styles. Today, it is all about the Batik Collection. Jean lives in South Carolina and is a passionate quilter. She is married to an Artist, Serge, and they share a sweet website, showcasing the fruits of their creative works. Jean Loussarian is dedicated and talented.
We particularly love how she uses the different shades of similar Batiks to create, light shadow and depth. Using fabric to "paint" with is no easy feat, but Jean excels at this difficult endeavor. Her work is nature based, Birds and Flowers mostly. Batik Fabric lends itself to this dreamy watercolor-like look that Jean is able to achieve. 
This is the note Jean recently sent our way...
"I saw on Facebook where you were asking for a photo of a quilt from fabric from Mary Jo's.  I buy all of my fabric from Mary Jo's.  I usually go twice a year because of the distance to purchase everything I need without ever having to go to another fabric store.  The selection is the very best is the primary reason for traveling two and a half hours one way.  It is definitely worth the trip and something to always look forward to.  I will attach a picture of the latest wall hanging that I have made. The size is 26 X 40 inches.   My web site 
My name is Jean Loussarian of Westminster, SC."  

It always a treat to see what folks are up to with Mary Jo's Cloth.
So let's talk about our Batik Collection for a moment. We have 588 Batik choices available on the website. Yes you read that correctly! Most are from the Hoffman California Collection and we also carry some by Island Batik. The colors are magical and the painterly quality is unmatched. Did you know that the typical price for this beautiful cloth is only 7.99 per yard. An absolute bargain. Log onto, in the top right corner of the page, type "Batik Fabric", into the search bar and peruse our collection, you will not be disappointed, we promise. There are also some new pins on Pinterest if you want to check some out what we have featured as an "Inspiration Board" to this Blog Article.

Thanks so much to all of our customers, who took the time to send us an email sharing their ETSY Storefronts, Websites and Blogs. What a talented bunch, all of you! If you haven't sent us an email sharing your handiwork, now is the time. Send us an email today. We will be featuring these submissions over the next few months and you could be one of them!                                                             


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