Thursday, February 20, 2014

How to use Custom Detail with Pleated Ruffles
Are you looking for a pretty embellishment idea for clothing, quilting or home d├ęcor projects?  Give pleated ruffles a try!
Pleated ruffles can be soft and fluffy or pressed flat for a more tailored look.  There are tools for pleating ruffles, but most often you will pleat the ruffle by hand, creating a knife, or box pleat along a strip of fabric.  Hand pleating allows for more variety in size and shape, and is easy to do. Create even more texture by manipulating the basic pleated ruffle into origami inspired textures.

Not sure how you would use pleated ruffles?  Here are some ideas!  Add a cute gingham ruffle along the hem jeans, around a tote bag, down the front of a sweater or jacket, on pillows, slipcovers and curtains. 

You can make pleated ruffles from just about any fabric: cotton, silk, burlap, linen, fleece or wool or ribbon.  You will be amazed at the different textures and styles that you can create!   

“Use burlap for a rustic ruffle with frayed edges”
Learn this technique in the upcoming Pleated Ruffles class at Mary Jo’s March 19, 2014 at 10:00 am – noon where you will learn hands-on how to make several different style of pleated ruffle.To find out more about the class click, here.

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