Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Our Valentine to You!

Love sewing - you will love sewing even more with this heart shaped pincushion

If you quilt, make clothing, sew curtains or work on crafts you probably use pins.  Even people who do not sew will keep a few pins around the house, and most likely stored in a pincushion.

Pins come in a wide variety of sizes and styles.  From multi-use to pins specifically for applique, sequins, patchwork and sewing with silk.  Pins can be long or short with plain, plastic or glass ball heads and there are even flower-shaped head pins.

Because there are so many pins for different purposes, it is a great idea to keep several pincushions designated for each pin style in your sewing studio.  

Using a pincushion keeps your pins organized, neat and safe from falling to the floor, and the life of your pins by keeping the ends clean and sharp.

Here is a cute idea for making a heart shaped pin cushion for your sewing studio, or as a gift to share with sewing friends and loved one’s.  Tuck a heart shaped pincushion into a gift bag with a new box of pins and a pair of scissors or snips and you have just created the perfect Valentines gift!

Cut a triangle of fabric.  Red felt was used for this example with the triangle cut 9 inches on each side of the right angle (an isosceles triangle).  Cut two pieces of ribbon 9 inches each, and pin one piece of ribbon at each point at the bottom as shown. You can cut the triangle larger or smaller to change the finished size of the pincushion.

Fold over the top of the triangle along the right angle to the bottom corner.  Pin the edges together.

Sew along the two cut sides using a ¼-inch seam allowance.  You do not need to sew along the folded edge.  Leave a small opening along the side between the pieces of ribbon for turning.

Turn your heart pincushion right sides out and press with an iron.

Fill the pincushion. You can use a variety of fillers such as fine sand, crushed walnut shells (available at pet supply stores), bran, flax seeds or emery powder. 

After the pincushion is filled, sew the opening closed.

Bring the two ribbons together and tie a knot, and then tie a bow.  Your heart shaped pincushion is finished!

Here are some other heart shaped pincushions made from linen with jute twine, and cotton quilting fabrics.  You could also use velvet or wool.

We hope you enjoy making heart shaped pincushions.  Happy Valentines Day from all of us at Mary Jo’s Cloth Store!

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