Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pretty Window Valance with Wood Finials

When designing and making curtains or valances, you need consider so may things: style, fabric, trim, lining and hardware.  Often you can find exactly what you are looking for!  But it isn’t always that easy to match colors and finishes in you home with what is available in the store.

This is especially true with decorative hardware. You will find a wide selection of wooden pole rods, rings, finials and brackets at Mary Jo’s, but what if you wanted a certain color to match your wall or trim, or an unusual color to match a fabric or piece of art? 

Don’t worry – be creative!  Purchase unfinished wooden hardware and paint it yourself.

Here is an example of wood finials painted to match the fabric.  This creates a truly custom design, and uses finials in a new and different way.

Colorful wooden finials are used to accent this playful, swaged valance
Create custom hardware by painting it yourself
Trims and details make the difference
 Covered welt cord is used to make ties which are sewn inside the pleats
The valance is simply tied to the finials for an easy installation

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