Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bridal Lace For Curtains, Why Not...

Delight, yes this is the best word to describe how I felt walking around Mary Jo's fabric store last week. I had a vision of finding just the right lace for a special window in my home. I decided the most magnificent lace is in the Bridal Department so that is where I started looking. I was not disappointed, in fact I was overwhelmed by the possibilities that were available. I wanted a lace that looked antique and was approximately 3 ft wide. I found the perfect lace and had one of the gals cut what I needed.
When I got home I cut the lace to accommodate the length of the window. I then, quite simply basted a line across the top to create a pocket for the tension rod to slide through and instead of hemming I cut the lace along the pattern. Within 20 minutes I had a perfect lace curtain. I used one and half yards total and the cost was only 24.98 per yard! I know I would have paid triple anywhere else.

This past spring I was at Isabella Stewart Gardiner's Home/Museum in Boston and she had the most beautiful lace curtains. I believe the lace is from the turn of the century and that she purchased it in Europe. I decided that day that the next time I had a moment and was cruising around Mary Jo's I would find a lace that looked as fine as Miss Isabella's window lace and adorn a window in my home with that same style of fine lace. Mission accomplished! Take a moment and look at our lace online or pop by the store, you will be inspired and delighted, I guarantee.

Do you have a few windows that need a simple facelift? This is an easy solution and quick! I chose lace that was in the medium price range, however depending on your choice you can pay half as much or twice as much depending upon the intricate nature of the lace itself. I do like the fact that we can choose the perfect lace at a price that is affordable or a splurge!

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Kitty Steinmart said...

What a terrific post. I love the idea of the quick instructions too. With bridal season approaching, it's enchanting to think that you can have the spirit of bridal in your home, embracing the season with a decorative lift like that. I love it. The lace you used looks like it's from a terrific antique store I was in in Hamburg.