Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New Life for Vintage Tablecloths

Vintage tablecloths from the 1940 - 50’s are colorful, fun and unique. You might have old tablecloths stored away and not being used and enjoyed.

Here is an idea to reuse and re-purpose Grandma’s tablecloths. Create fresh and bright window treatments for you kitchen, breakfast area, laundry room or back door.
Make a cute gathered valance by cutting the tablecloth to the size needed and sewing a rod pocket in the top and shirring onto a tension rod.
Or, hem the top and use clip on rings.

Country Living magazine
A simple triangular top treatment can be made by stapling the corner of a tablecloth to the top of a board.

 Dottie Angel blog
Create charming curtains for the window or tub by adding ribbon ties or tabs.
If you are sprucing up a camper for this summer, think about using vintage tablecloths for curtains! So cute and easy to make plus your curtains will be washable.

If you don’t have any old tablecloths, that’s okay. You can find delightful vintage print fabrics at Mary Jo’s Cloth Store,  and you can purchase enough fabric to make a tablecloth to match!


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