Monday, March 17, 2014

Recycle Old Blue Jeans into a Fun Apron

Before you throw that old pair of jeans in the trash, take a look at this easy project that will turn your trash into a treasure!  Make a cute apron from old blue jeans!

This apron is perfect to wear in the kitchen, but the deep jeans pockets are handy for keeping tools at your fingertips in the garden or art studio.  If you want to make a more masculine version, omit the ruffles and choose a solid or striped fabric for the ties and binding.

We found inspiration for making this project from the Creative Green Living website, which has a wonderful tutorial for making what they call a “Cowgirl Apron”.

Here are our step-by-step photos – it’s a fun project!  We hope you enjoy turning trash into treasure by making your own blue jeans apron.

Cut off the legs of your old blue jeans.

Cut away the seat from the front along the seams.

Mark a straight line from the crotch to the bottom and sew along the mark.

Cut off the bottom to make a curved, apron shape.

Split open one of the leg pieces and use the hem of the leg as the top edge of the apron.  Trim off excess  at the bottom to match the waistband on the bottom section, allowing an inch extra for sewing them together.

Cut away on each side of the top section for a better fit around arms.  To figure out the fit, pin the top and bottom pieces together and hold it up to your chest and mark a curved line.

Cut off one of the back pockets and sew to the center of the top section.

Make ties from a cute fabric and pin on each side of the waistband.

Make ruffles and sew around the bottom section.  Our ruffles are made 1 ½ inches wide.

Sew the top to the bottom, topstitching along the waistband.

Make a fabric binding and sew it around the cut edges of the top section of the apron, allowing enough binding to continue topstitching past the top, as ties for around the neck.

Cut a piece of fabric to line the bottom section.  Sew around the edges and turn right sides out.  Turn under the fabric at the top edge, pin and sew.

Your blue jeans apron is finished!


Peggie said...

I love this! And to think I just threw out a pair I could have tried this with!

Carissa Bonham said...

Your apron looks great. Thanks for linking back to me!

Susan Settle said...

Love it! Love it! Love it!

Rebeca Saucedo said...

Looks very cute, idk if my machine can sew over some of the thicknesses of fabric....worth a try! I love aprons.

grangecreative said...

Very good idea ! Thank your for your tutorial.

Pavel Levashov said...

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