Monday, March 24, 2014

Store Grocery Bags with Style

Plastic grocery bags come in handy around the house but storing them is a mess!

Here is a great idea that you can sew-up in a jiffy, and unclutter your home by storing plastic grocery bags in style.


  1. Cut one piece of fabric for your bag 16 inches x 18 inches.  Cut one piece of fusible fleece for the lining 16 inches x 18 inches.  Attach the fleece to the reverse side of the fabric following product instructions.  

2. Fold the edges along the 18 inch side together, secure with pins and sew using a ½- inch seam allowance.  

 3. Press open the seam allowance.  

        4. Sew across the bottom edge, using a ½-inch seam allowance.

         5. Flatten out the bottom, measure and mark 2 inches from each corner.  Sew along the mark. 

         6. Carefully clip apart the seam between the marks.  

        7. Sew along the edge of the opening at the bottom, on both sides. 

        8. Cut a piece of fabric for the top binding 3 inches x 16 inches.  Fold and iron so that the cut edges are towards the center.  Fold again and iron to create a ¾-inch binding.  

         9. Pin the binding around the top, tucking under the cut edge at the end.  Sew the banding along the edge. 

        10. Cut a piece of fabric for the handle 3 inches x 14 inches and iron as in Step 8 to create a ¾ inch wide handle. Sew along each side, tucking in the cut edges at each end.  Pin the handle 1 inch down on each side of the bag, with the seam facing the back.  
        11. Sew the handle to the bag creating an “X” with the stitching. 

12. Stuff all of your plastic grocery bags into the top and pull them out of the bottom.  Hang in a convenient spot in your kitchen or laundry room. 

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