Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sale, Sale, Sale...

Spring has came and gone and Summer is here, rainy though it may be. We have been filling the store with some beautiful summer fabric.We have chosen lightweight and airy materials and we have all the summery colors that the season is known for. The good news is we have some fabulous choices. The better news, for you, is that we have some lovely

fabric from the spring season just waiting for your next creative project. Oh the best part, much of it is on sale.
No one loves a sale more than Mary Jo’s Cloth Store. We have a special section on the website devoted totally to “sale” fabric. We call this section Special Edition. When you are clicking around on the sale section there are more choices than you can imagine.
Some as low priced as 2.50 per yard! Many choices are fresh from the spring collection as well as other Mary Jo Cloth standards. Florals, Calicos, Upholstery, Prints, Checks and Plaids to name a few. We even put our Dressy finer fabrics on sale from time to time. The big trick is to log onto about once a week and be the first to buy what we have just posted. Often times there are only limited amounts available so you need to act quickly.
At Mary Jo’s Cloth Store our regular prices are better than most fabric stores and our sale prices are just nutty low! So think about the projects you would like to create and make sure you take the time to log onto the “Special Editions” section and have a field day!
We are still building our community page and really need to hear form you. We would love for you to send in your projects with a brief description and a few photos. How fun it will be to see your work posted on the community section and possibly featured on our blog. We are building a community of like minded, talented and creative people. Be a part of it today.