Friday, May 15, 2009

A Garden of Earthly Delights...

Do you love amazing floral patterns? Mary Jo’s Cloth Store has created a veritable garden of choices. Think of the possibilities... Summer Dresses, Skirts, Curtains, Pillows, Quilts, Tablecloths and Over the Shoulder Tote Bags.

This line of fabric is inspiring and could not have arrived at a better time of year. This collection of cloth, like our gardens, is bursting with bright welcoming spring and summer colors. It does make one happy and smiley just to be around such bubbly beauty.

Mary Jo once told me she has “The Gift” for buying beautiful fabric that her customers not only love, but also can easily afford. I agree, beauty matters and the prices are always terrific, whether you are buying on the web at or taking a trip to the store. Sometimes it is fun to just poke around and be inspired in person!

Quilters… Whack & Stack, a Classic Star or even The Wedding Ring pattern would be stunning with this collection of garden florals. I was bowled over when I was perusing the selection at the store. It was so much fun to imagine what all of you could do with this stunning garden collection!

Dress/Clothing Designers
... yes this fabric is the perfect choice for a dress to attend a Summer BBQ, Concert, Garden Party or even a new favorite Sunday Best.

Home Design applications run to the infinite. Stop a moment and imagine, Pillows on a sofa, Curtains for the kitchen or guest room or take a moment and stitch up a simple Tablecloth that is guaranteed to turn a hum-drum dinner into an event.

..This fabric really says “I care about the planet and am doing my share”. Try whipping up some re-usable over the shoulder totes for you and your friends to carry all of your groceries home in, Tres’ Chic..
Take a moment to check out this collection. It is fun, vibrant and oh so in season!

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